The fear of the unknown

The unknown grabs me
twists my guts
and turns them around.
Not knowing the outcome
locks me to the ground.

It grapples me
to the hooks of routine
accepting what is
for the ordinary thing.

It makes me want to stay
where I should be leaving
and be afraid of doing
what might be the right thing.

It ties me down
in my very place
unable to move
and unable to cave.

I complain and complain
of all the unjust and not fairs;
yet I am unable to break
the chains and burdens that I bear.

I blame the circumstances
and all the people around me;
But what I fail to see is
I am used to this routine!

The unpredictable unknown
asks for strength and trust.
To break the patterns
this is a must.

Knowing this very well
that embracing unknown
is how I will grow and evolve.
Yet, the comfort of routine
is where I always fall!


Blame game

“You always blame me for what happened”; “Why am I always responsible for anything that goes wrong?”

If this is what something you keep telling or wondering, chances are you are the one blaming yourself rather than others around you. You need to recognize the pattern of automatically holding yourself responsible for everything around you.

Let it go. Even if you think you are responsible. Forgive yourself before you forgive others. Realize that it is not you who decides how things go – not just in your life, but in everyone’s life. So if something went wrong, accept it. This is life. Not everything goes right all the time. Moreover, right and wrong are just perspectives.

Even if someone tells you, you are responsible, realize that they are just projecting their hurt on you – which you do not have to take! Don’t be a sponge! Don’t soak in everyone’s emotional shit. Recognize that the other person is going through some hard time and is having a difficult time keeping his emotions in check. Don’t take it in.

Stop victimizing yourself. You are strong. Stop always telling – “why do bad things happen to me?” or “why don’t things move for me?” It is this attitude that makes things seem worse. Just enjoy where you are now. Realize that nothing stays forever. Count your blessings. Do something new. Go out. have fun. Remember it’s never too late. Age is just a number!