The invisible

Like a blanket of comfort;
Like the favorite shirt,
Like a blessing in disguise;
Like the waves that rise;
Like the bond of joy;
And the amusing toy;
Like a laborers chore;
A traditional folklore;
Like the sun that shines;
Oh! the intoxicating wine;
Like the moon that reflects;
And the hearts that connect;
Like the all supreme;
Yet the very dream;
Like the see-able unseen;
The core of every gene;
It is just like everything;
And everything is just like it!


Special People


…. but some people are special,
They are never to be forgotten…

They are never to be ignored,
Never to be bored;
They will always be missed,
And respected and cherished;
Wherever they may be,
They’ll always be remembered with bliss.

Many will come and many will go,
Some may settle, and some may no;
But some come just once in ever,
They leave their prints in your heart forever.

So here is what I have to say,
For some who is as special as they;

…. but some people are special,
They are never to be forgotten….

Rise up

I fall time and again,

Yet I get up and walk;

I aim to fly high in the sky,

Whilst I am still crawling.

People I love – leave,

And yet I am still hopeful.

When everything comes crashing,

I smile and say,

There’s always another chance,

A new day, A new opportunity.

I am born to soar,

Rise high above the clouds.

I am born special,

Getting better than my past.

Each fall is learning,

Each rise is growth,

This is how I progress,

This is how I reach my goal!