Stop running the race!

This life is a race,
A race to run,
From being the strongest to the richest;
And to run, we all have begun.

You have to be the first,
Second is just a myth!
Oh you are no good,
No better than that Smith!

We keep chasing,
Chasing down the imaginary goals;
Did we ever stop and think?
In the end, what is its role?

Take a pause,
Take a break;
Just be where you are,
And appreciate the wake.

Make this journey worthwhile,
Not just chasing down the goals;
Yeah! after all, this is life,
Nobody has really survived!

Words are all I have

words text scrabble blocks

Words are all I have,
And words are all I can give;
May it be an expression,
Or be it a piece of advice;
To act or not to, is your decision.

The meaning of my words will change for each,
Based on your perspective and experience;
What I mean to say is not what
You end up understanding;
Yet, Words are all I can give.

My actions are my own,
My reasons for them are different.
You interpret them based on your understanding,
And draw your own conclusions;
Yet, only I will know the true intentions.

My life is my own to live,
Your opinion of it may or may not
Make a difference to my living,
Your judgment of who I am is not me,
Beware, I am not who you think I am!